Peerialism delivers Peer2View – a platform for over-the-top video streaming – to MPS Broadband. Peer2View is a p2p assisted distribution solution for video streaming of live events and linear TV over internet. Peer2View is designed to work with existing CDNs to greatly improve scalability, reach and distribution efficiencies. The solution can handle a large number of simultaneous users whilst maintaining a high quality of service meeting the requirements of commercial content owners.

The solution has two main components a client running on end users’ computers, and a server that tracks the state of the Peer2View network and optimizes client network connections. Peer2View uses network resources more efficiently and has the following commercial advantages:

Bandwidth savings: Depending on network conditions, the bandwidth savings can be up to 95%
Larger number of concurrent users; with a limited investment a Peer2View assisted CDN can easily reach several hundreds of thousand viewers
More channels: High savings rates can be reached with relatively few peers – 500 peers will typically produce 90% savings. Thus many channels, including niche channels can be distributed in parallel without exhausting the capacity of the network
ISP and Internet friendly algorithms keeping traffic local
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