P2P Components

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The P2P Components are tools to build and analyze p2p networks:

MyP2PWorld: A complete P2P network simulator. More information is available here.
Link Assess: Measures the instantaneous quality of any link between two nodes.
Net Topology: A P2P component to help construct a locality aware overlay network.

Network traffic optimization


PeerNet helps broadband operators to minimize network traffic by making better use of the existing infrastructure. Large and popular content files are temporarily stored and distributed from local P2P-caches in the access networks, reducing peak traffic loads on weak links further up in the network.

Product features:

Content type agnostic.
Dynamic traffic detection; Caching content with largest network traffic impact.
Fault tolerant: P2P caching nodes can fail without damaging QoS.
Cost efficient: Caching on inexpensive consumer grade hardware.
Diagram 2. Decrease in link load from using locality aware P2P. (Source: H. Xie, A. Krishnamurthy, 2007, ”P4P: Explicit Communications for Cooperative Control Between P2P and Network Providers”)

Video distribution

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Peerialism’s product for video distribution over internet – PeerTV – enables content owners to distribute better quality video at significantly lower cost to many more viewers. Cost savings are between 50% to 90% depending on network conditions whilst the maximum number of simultaneous viewers is almost limitless.

Product features:

Support for RTP streaming.
Support for HTTP progressive download.
Support for video on demand.
Player and codec agnostic: No new player needed.
Modifiable QoS settings for customer specific requirements.
Locality aware: ISP friendly.

Diagram 1. U.S. Internet video traffic increase between 2000 and 2007. (Source: Cisco, 2007, ”The Exabyte Era”)


PeerTV has been acquired by MPS Broadband AB. Please contact them for further commercial discussions.