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The people at Peerialism believe we can make better use of the internet by sharing resources more efficiently. If internet is to fulfill its promises as the media hub of the future, we need new solutions – peerialistic solutions – that benefit all the key parties; the consumer, the content owner and the operator. A peerialistic solution uses the next generation of p2p technologies to share resources – bandwidth, storage and processing power – to improve services and businesses. To achieve this, Peerialism has gathered some of the world’s most prominent researcher in the areas of distributed computing, p2p overlay networks and network optimization. The company is based in Stockholm and Cairo.  
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Mesmerizer: An effecitve tool for a complete peer-to-peer software development life-cycle

Abstract: In this paper we present what are, in our experience, the best practices in Peer-To-Peer(P2P) application development and how we combined them in a middleware platform called Mesmerizer. We explain how simulation is an integral part of the development process and not just an assessment tool. We then present our component-based event-driven framework for P2P application development, which can be used to execute multiple instances of the same application in a strictly controlled manner over an emulated network layer for simulation/testing, or a single application in a concurrent environment for deployment purpose. We highlight modeling aspects that are of critical importance for designing and testing P2P applications, e.g. the emulation of Network Address Translation and bandwidth dynamics. We show how our simulator scales when emulating low-level bandwidth characteristics of…
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