The team

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Dr. Sameh El-Ansary Scientific Advisor - Ph.D. in structured P2P networks.   Dr. Mohammed El-Beltagy Chief Scientist - Ph.D. in optimization of complex systems.   Prof. Seif Haridi Scientific Advisor - Professor of Computer Systems KTH.   Dr. Ali Ghodsi Scientific Advisor - Ph.D. in structured P2P networks.   Roberto Roverso Researcher - Ph.D. student at KTH, ICT/ECS/SCS Amgad Naiem Research and Development. Mohamed Nabil Research Assistant. Mohamed Reda Research Assistant.   Nils Franzén Senior Developer - Ten years experience, previously at Jaczone AB.   Christer Wik Senior Systems Architect - Ten years experience of designing and developing systems with demanding requirements, extensive experience from technical and business development in start-ups. Jonas Vasell Senior Systems Architect Andreas Dahlström CTO - Serial entrepreneur, software developer.   Johan Ljungberg CEO - Ten…
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