High Performance Online Storage


Virtual file server with integrated back-up
High capacity, elastic  online data storage  and archiving
High performance data access – instant Click & Play access to any file including large media files
Local hard disk interface, complete host integration
Support for all standard Windows and Mac tools and applications
Simple and fast file sharing
Support for document collaboration
Strong encryption at file storage level and strong file transfer encryption
Support for file versioning
Simple and secure access from any terminal  – no need for VPN software

Large Scale Online Video Streaming


Reach hundreds of thousands simultaneous viewers
Deliver over-the-top HD video with 70-95% lower bandwidth cost
Support for live events and linear TV with very large numbers of concurrent viewers
Support for adaptive bitrate streaming
Support for standard publishing servers
Support for standard media players
ISP friendly – keeps traffic local
Zero configuration
Corporate Video Streaming

Intranet broadcasting of live events and linear TV
HD quality video streaming
Minimal network load: Auto detection of weak network links
Support for external viewers over internet