Telecom operators work towards sustainability


Telecom operators have many opportunities to work towards sustainability in their operations. Some specific actions they can take include:

  1. Reducing energy consumption: Telecom operators can implement energy-efficient practices, such as using energy-efficient equipment and using renewable energy sources, to reduce their energy consumption.
  2. Improving network infrastructure: Telecom operators can use advanced network technologies, such as software-defined networking and network functions virtualization, to make their networks more efficient and reduce their environmental impact.
  3. Promoting sustainable consumption: Telecom operators can educate their customers about ways to reduce their environmental impact, such as by using energy-efficient devices and reducing their use of data-intensive services.
  4. Collaborating with other stakeholders: Telecom operators can work with other companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations to find ways to reduce their environmental impact and promote sustainability.
  5. Reporting on sustainability: Telecom operators can be transparent about their sustainability efforts by publishing regular reports on their environmental performance. This can help build trust with customers and stakeholders and encourage others to adopt sustainable practices.

Swedish telecom operators cooperate about streaming


Several Swedish telecommunications operators cooperate with Peerialism about live streaming so live events can be broadscasts in a efficient and high level of quality of service. The ones that are trying the technology are Hallon and Halebop. In the beginning it will only be available to customers with Hallon and Halebop abonnemang. Both teleco companies are aimed at a younger customers having flexible mobile plans with free data and no free calls. It can be a really valuable service to offer its customers for instance live streams of ”Melodifestivalen” or ”Allsång på Skansen”. Peerialism is a pioneer in HTTP and mobile live streaming for enterprise usage and this marks their first break into the telecom business.

  • ”We are really happy to finally be able to offer this service to Hallon and Halebop.” said CEO of Peerialism.

Peerialism hopes that this project will be successful so they can grow the business and offer more telecom companies this added service.


Paper accepted by the IEEE CCNC


Peerialisms paper on The Feasibility Of Centrally-Coordinated Peer-To-Peer Live Streaming has been accepted by the IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking conference. At the conference, Peerialism will demonstrate its Peer2View platform which introduces elements of central control and coordination for efficient and reliable live streaming content distribution.

Peerialism will also conduct a demo of its P2P application level emulator, MyP2PWorld, showing how tracker and optimization components work and which gains can be realized by introducing coordination in a P2P system in terms of bandwidth savings, ISP friendliness, and reliable NAT traversal. The demo will touch upon Peerialism’s approach to P2P systems development and how it greatly benefits from application level emulation.

More information about the IEEE CCNC  can be found at

Accurate and efficient simulation of bandwidth dynamics for peer-to-peer overlay networks



When evaluating Peer-to-Peer content distribution systems by means of simulation, it is of vital importance to correctly mimic the bandwidth dynamics behavior of the underlying network. In this paper, we propose a scalable and accurate flow-level network simulation model based on an evolution of the classical progressive filling algorithm which implements the max-min fairness idea. We build on top of the current state of art by applying an optimization to reduce the cost of each bandwidth allocation/deallocation operation on a node-based directed network model. Unlike other works, our evaluation of the chosen approach focuses both on efficiency and on accuracy. Our experiments show that, in terms of scalability, our bandwidth allocation algorithm outperforms existing directed models when simulating large-scale structured overlay networks. Whereas, in terms of accuracy we show that allocation dynamics of the proposed solution follow those of the NS-2 packet-level simulator by a small and nearly constant offset for the same scenarios. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time that an accuracy study has been conducted on an improvement of the classical progressive filling algorithm.

Paper to be published at the 5th International ICST Conference on Performance Evaluation Methodologies and Tools, Paris, Frace, May 16-20 2011.

Peerialism delivers platform for OTT video streaming


Peerialism delivers Peer2View – a platform for over-the-top video streaming – to MPS Broadband. Peer2View is a p2p assisted distribution solution for video streaming of live events and linear TV over internet. Peer2View is designed to work with existing CDNs to greatly improve scalability, reach and distribution efficiencies. The solution can handle a large number of simultaneous users whilst maintaining a high quality of service meeting the requirements of commercial content owners.

The solution has two main components a client running on end users’ computers, and a server that tracks the state of the Peer2View network and optimizes client network connections. Peer2View uses network resources more efficiently and has the following commercial advantages:

Bandwidth savings: Depending on network conditions, the bandwidth savings can be up to 95%
Larger number of concurrent users; with a limited investment a Peer2View assisted CDN can easily reach several hundreds of thousand viewers
More channels: High savings rates can be reached with relatively few peers – 500 peers will typically produce 90% savings. Thus many channels, including niche channels can be distributed in parallel without exhausting the capacity of the network
ISP and Internet friendly algorithms keeping traffic local
For more information about Peer2View and MPS Broadband:

Sverker Hannervall and Mikael Pawlo new board members


Peerialism strengthens its board of directors with Sverker Hannervall and Mikael Pawlo. Whilst already working closely with the company, Mr. Hannervall and Mr. Pawlo will formally join Peerialism’s board of directors as of January 2011. Mr. Hannervall is currently Senior VP and head of Business Services at TeliaSonera and has had a long and successful career in the IT and telecoms industry including managing Cisco’s operations in the Nordic area. Mr. Pawlo, a prolific internet entrepreneur with a vast personal network, is currently the founder and CEO of Mr Green, a fast growing online gambling business.

High Performance Online Storage


Virtual file server with integrated back-up
High capacity, elastic  online data storage  and archiving
High performance data access – instant Click & Play access to any file including large media files
Local hard disk interface, complete host integration
Support for all standard Windows and Mac tools and applications
Simple and fast file sharing
Support for document collaboration
Strong encryption at file storage level and strong file transfer encryption
Support for file versioning
Simple and secure access from any terminal  – no need for VPN software

Large Scale Online Video Streaming


Reach hundreds of thousands simultaneous viewers
Deliver over-the-top HD video with 70-95% lower bandwidth cost
Support for live events and linear TV with very large numbers of concurrent viewers
Support for adaptive bitrate streaming
Support for standard publishing servers
Support for standard media players
ISP friendly – keeps traffic local
Zero configuration
Corporate Video Streaming

Intranet broadcasting of live events and linear TV
HD quality video streaming
Minimal network load: Auto detection of weak network links
Support for external viewers over internet

Peerialism logos and diagrams

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Illustrates the difference between network unfriendly data distribution in comparison with Peerialism’s network friendly algorithms.



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