Peerialism logos and diagrams

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Logo 1280×635 trasparent PNG.

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Diagram ”The Old, The Ugly, The Peerialistic” 2048×925 maximum quality JPEG.

Illustrates the difference between network unfriendly data distribution in comparison with Peerialism’s network friendly algorithms.

The team

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Dr. Sameh El-Ansary

Scientific Advisor – Ph.D. in structured P2P networks.


Dr. Mohammed El-Beltagy

Chief Scientist – Ph.D. in optimization of complex systems.


Prof. Seif Haridi

Scientific Advisor – Professor of Computer Systems KTH.


Dr. Ali Ghodsi

Scientific Advisor – Ph.D. in structured P2P networks.


Roberto Roverso

Researcher – Ph.D. student at KTH, ICT/ECS/SCS
Amgad Naiem

Research and Development.
Mohamed Nabil

Research Assistant.

Mohamed Reda

Research Assistant.


Nils Franzén

Senior Developer – Ten years experience, previously at Jaczone AB.


Christer Wik

Senior Systems Architect – Ten years experience of designing and developing systems with demanding requirements, extensive experience from technical and business development in start-ups.
Jonas Vasell
Senior Systems Architect

Andreas Dahlström

CTO – Serial entrepreneur, software developer.


Johan Ljungberg

CEO – Ten years managing tech start-ups.


Gabriel Sandberg
Head of Marketing – Previously with Defcom AB and Stockholm Industrial Graphics AB.

The company

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The people at Peerialism believe we can make better use of the internet by sharing resources more efficiently. If internet is to fulfill its promises as the media hub of the future, we need new solutions – peerialistic solutions – that benefit all the key parties; the consumer, the content owner and the operator.

A peerialistic solution uses the next generation of p2p technologies to share resources – bandwidth, storage and processing power – to improve services and businesses. To achieve this, Peerialism has gathered some of the world’s most prominent researcher in the areas of distributed computing, p2p overlay networks and network optimization.

The company is based in Stockholm and Cairo.


P2P Components

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The P2P Components are tools to build and analyze p2p networks:

MyP2PWorld: A complete P2P network simulator. More information is available here.
Link Assess: Measures the instantaneous quality of any link between two nodes.
Net Topology: A P2P component to help construct a locality aware overlay network.

Video distribution

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Peerialism’s product for video distribution over internet – PeerTV – enables content owners to distribute better quality video at significantly lower cost to many more viewers. Cost savings are between 50% to 90% depending on network conditions whilst the maximum number of simultaneous viewers is almost limitless.

Product features:

Support for RTP streaming.
Support for HTTP progressive download.
Support for video on demand.
Player and codec agnostic: No new player needed.
Modifiable QoS settings for customer specific requirements.
Locality aware: ISP friendly.

Diagram 1. U.S. Internet video traffic increase between 2000 and 2007. (Source: Cisco, 2007, ”The Exabyte Era”)


PeerTV has been acquired by MPS Broadband AB. Please contact them for further commercial discussions.